Asterminds Booking Software Makes Your Team More Effective

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Our robust online booking platform simplifies the booking experience for both your customers and your service providers.
While our booking application is customizable to your company’s needs, the Asterminds’ booking system starts with a common starter kit. This saves your company precious operating expenses to grow your company’s business rather than spending on software to run your business.  

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Asterminds’ Mobile Booking App

Starter Kit Features Include Secure Login with option for Social Media
SDK’s such as Facebook or Google
InstaRIDE® or Advance Booking Geo based booking
Google Search and Mapping
Invite Friends
Check Out and Credit Cards
Promo-code and Referral Code Banking system*
InstaALERT ® Safety Notification System*
Pricing Engine and Multiple Market Support*
Booking History and Library of Past Bookings
Receipt Management and optional PDF feature*
Ability to Call, Text and Email*
Support and Feedback Mechanism*
Terms and Conditions Management
Version Control and Management
Other Features
* Feature is optional to the subscriber

Why Use Our Easy
Online and On-Demand
Booking Software?

Because it is…

  • Easy for your customers to use 
  • Robust Features 
  • Cloud Based and Secure 
  • Fast Performing Architecture

“Asterminds made the booking experience so simple for us. We used to use a booking software that was complex and time consuming from a big travel company. Now, with Asterminds, I have saved precious time with its easy to use platform,”

says Velma Davis,
Travel Advisor at Expedia Cruise Ship Centers of Bellevue